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19 de April de 2022

19 de April de 2022

Sending Bitcoin from your Material Bitcoin wallet to another address is much easier than you might think. In this guide, we will teach you how to send your Bitcoin from your iPhone or Android mobile phone.

If you follow this step-by-step guide, it will only take you about 5 minutes.


    Step 1: download Blue Wallet

    Download the Blue Wallet App from the AppStore or PlayStore. The app’s icon should look like this:

    Step 2: create a new wallet

    After you install and launch the app on your phone, you will need to create or add a new wallet. Click on the “Add now” button. 

    Step 3: choose the type of wallet

    The next step is choosing the type of wallet you want to create. Select the Bitcoin network:

    Step 4: copy and paste your private key

    This is the most important step, so make sure you are concentrated and as isolated as possible. You will need to link your Material Bitcoin wallet with the Blue Wallet app.

    • Exit the Blue Wallet App without fully closing it.
    • Take off the metallic strip covering your Material Bitcoin’s private key and copy all the digits into the notepad app on your mobile phone.
    • Copy and paste it into the Blue Wallet app by clicking on the “Paste” button to import your Material Bitcoin’s address.
    • Erase the first 6 digits (p2wpkh:) and click on the “Import” button to link the Blue Wallet app to your wallet.

      Important: please be aware that saving your private key on your mobile phone’s notepad app can be extremely risky, so make sure to erase it after you have pasted it into the Blue Wallet app.

      Step 5: choose a discovered wallet

      At this point, you will be asked what kind of wallet you want to create. Click on “P2 WPKH” and then on the “Import” button to complete the linking process.

      Step 6: your wallet(s)

      After your wallet has been successfully imported, you will find yourself on the app’s main menu. You should see your imported wallets and the latest transactions. Click on your wallet to go to the “Send/Receive” section.

      Step 7: sending bitcoin

      In this step, you should see your wallet’s total balance. At the bottom of the screen, you will see the “Send/Receive” options. Click on “Send” to start the process of sending your Bitcoins to another address.

      Step 8: sending bitcoin

      A new window will pop up on your screen with all the details you’ll need to send your Bitcoin: 

      Enter the amount of bitcoin you want to send and the receiving address. Please be aware that you will need to pay fees for every bitcoin transaction you make.

      Attention: If you want to convert your Bitcoins to euros (or any other currency), you will need to enter the receiving address linked to your exchange account.

      Step 9: wait for confirmation

      The only thing left to do is wait for your transaction to be confirmed. You can verify this on the main menu of the Blue Wallet app:

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      Nicolás - Material Bitcoin

      Nicolás - Material Bitcoin

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