Material Bitcoin CAMOUFLAGE

Cold Wallet

With the Material Bitcoin camouflage edition you can store your bitcoin discreetly so that strangers won’t know, or even notice, what your wallet really is.

  • Material Bitcoin is the safest bitcoin wallet in the world.
  • Made from AISI 304L steel, without human intervention.
  • 100-year guarantee.
  • Measurements: 86mm x 54mm x 2mm (about the size of a credit card). 
  • Without references to bitcoin.
  • Camouflaged name and URL for increased security. 


Te enviamos tu placa con la misma seguridad pero sin caja, para ayudar al medioambiente.

(8 customer reviews)
Free returns i You can return this item for any reason in new condition (intact and unsealed), and with no return shipping costs during the first 30 days of your purchase.
100-years guarantee i We guarantee that our products have a durability of 100 years. If in that period it deteriorates*, we’ll give you a new Material Bitcoin. If you notice that the readability of the private key starts to deteriorate*, we replace your plate with a new one during the first 100 years of use. One of our experts will guide you from scratch helping you to buy bitcoin and send them to your Material Bitcoin plate. Please note that the plate will arrive from the factory with residue on the private key from the laser marking under the metallic vinyl. This is not a sign of deterioration, you can clean it with alcohol.
Free assistance i One of our experts will guide you from scratch helping you to buy bitcoin and send them to your Material Bitcoin plate.
Certified shipping i Your package will be shipped with tracking number and you will be able to locate it at any time.
Secure payment i We guarantee the security of payment transactions with our customers and work with the most secure payment methods.


Material Bitcoin CAMOUFLAGE

material bitcoin camuflaje

8 reviews for Wallet Fría - Monedero Frío Bitcoin - Modelo Camuflaje de Material Bitcoin

  1. Javier Suarez

    Como cliente estoy feliz con el producto !

  2. Karina

    Además de sencilla de usar, segura y muy chic, este modelo con “jeroglíficos” es una idea genial.

  3. Arturo

    Una idea genial que no ponga en esta placa la palabra Bitcoin tan obvia, para asegurarte que nadie pueda saber lo que es. Discreta y elegante

  4. Miguel

    Me encanta la placa! Y el rollo camuflaje le da un punto super chulo! Más tranquilo de tener mis BTCs fuera del exchange.

  5. Fabri

    Experiencia satisfactoria
    Aconsejable para conocedores del mundo cripto como para no experimentados.

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