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Material Bitcoin

Cold wallet

(48 customer reviews)

The world’s most secure bitcoin wallet to store your savings.

Keep your bitcoin safe for the long term.

No electronic components, making it unhackable and ultra resistant to impacts, fires and floods.

Military grade quality.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Immune to hackers
  • Fire, shock and flood resistant
  • Almost indestructible.


A black card designed to be carried in your wallet, on which only the public address is engraved, so that you can receive payments and check your balance.

We will send you two plates exactly the same in case you want to have a backup.

Without box to help with the enviroment.

(48 customer reviews)
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Material Bitcoin Standard



Material Bitcoin


The safest cold wallet

Material Bitcoin is a cold wallet (no internet connection) to store bitcoin securely.

You can hold bitcoin easily and at no risk, even if you are not an expert.

Without any electronic components, which makes it inmune to hackers.

Its AISI 304L steel makes it flood, fire and shock resistant.

Anverso de material bitcoin


Designed to withstand more than 1.652ºF/900ºC


Your wallet can remain underwater for long periods of time.


The AISI 304L stainless steel provides high resistance to impacts

Designed to last

Lifetime warranty. If the legibility of the private key deteriorates*, we will replace your wallet with a brand new one

*Deterioration resulting from pass of time, as well as from fires, floods and involuntary impacts, but not any improper usage.




Shock, fire and flood resistant.


With instructions and free assistance.

How to deposit bitcoin?

Scan the QR and send your bitcoin to that address

How to withdraw bitcoin?

Import your private key into any wallet

We do not store private keys

The private key is generated through a key engine and isolated from the network. It is generated and engraved on a steel plate through a robotic process. Once it is on the plate, it is deleted automaticaly from the system's memory.

Nobody sees the private key

The robot sticks on top of the private key a metallic vinyl and puts it inside an aluminum bag once it's engraved. The aluminum bag is hermetically heat-sealed to ensure it has never been opened. This process proves that no one has seen the private key, and no one will ever be able to (not even with X-rays).

Automated manufacturing

It takes place within a restricted access monitored room. The hardware and software involved in this manufacturing process have been audited and certified by the independent computer consulting firm Lambda Telematics, S.L.

Here’s how it works

Anverso de material bitcoin

As long as you exclusively own your Material wallet, no one will ever access your bitcoin.

Treat it like a gold bar: Keep it in a safe place and don’t lose it.

Anverso de material bitcoin
Anverso de material bitcoin
Anverso de material bitcoin

Your future, safe

We put bitcoin in your hand in a physical wallet

As simple as buying Material Bitcoin and adding bitcoin inside it. With free personalized assistance. Enjoy the benefits of having Bitcoin.

Expert’s opinion

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Verified reviews

48 reviews for Bitcoin Cold Wallet- Cold Storage - Material Bitcoin Standard Version

  1. Vence

    I can say from my own experience that the product is sensational and the company is very serious and professional.

  2. Joseph

    What you are looking for. It is certainly the best solution I have seen for holding bitcoins. By the way, the staff is very friendly and efficient. They answer any questions you may have.
    Wonderful idea.

  3. David

    Efficient, easy to use and safe.
    The feeling of strength given by the steel is brutal!!!
    Gift for the senses🙌

  4. Joey

    A wallet with a modern design, quality and very simple to use. When I got home and read the instructions that come inside the box, the process of transferring my bitcoin to the plate was very easy. Once you have it in your hand, it weighs quite a lot and you can tell it is resistant. Highly recommended without a doubt.

  5. Alex

    Incredible quality wallet. Very easy to use. Customer service of 10. The best alternative to store BTC. TOTAL SECURITY.

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Frecuently Asked Questions

What is a cold wallet for Bitcoin?

A Bitcoin cold wallet is a wallet for storing your Bitcoins that is not connected to the internet. Thanks to this, you will avoid online scams or thefts and ensure that your Bitcoins are in a secure place.

What if I already have Bitcoin?

If you already have Bitcoin, there's no problem. You can send your Bitcoins to your Bitcoin cold wallet from any exchange. Just enter your wallet address in the transfer/send funds section of your exchange. If you need assistance with this, we offer a personalized free support service, guiding you step by step.

Why should I store my Bitcoins in a cold wallet?

Whether you're storing long-term or have a significant amount of Bitcoin, leaving them on an exchange is risky. There are numerous private key thefts, scams by exchanges themselves, or account hacks. By storing your Bitcoins in a cold wallet, you'll avoid these incidents.

How does the Material Bitcoin cold wallet work?

Our cold wallet for Bitcoin is super easy to use, designed for non-techies. Simply acquire it and deposit Bitcoin into it by scanning the QR code. Once done, you'll have your Bitcoins in your possession, safely stored away from any danger.

What if I want to withdraw my Bitcoins from the wallet?

You'll need to use a wallet manager like Exodus and from there, send them to your exchange. It's simpler than it sounds, and here's a complete tutorial for you. However, remember that when you connect your cold wallet to your computer, your funds will be as secure as your computer is. So, be sure to create a secure environment on your computer.

Why Material Bitcoin's wallet?

Because unlike other cold wallets, Material Bitcoin is an ultra-resistant steel plate to prevent any danger. It has no electronic components, so you won't need to update anything. It's waterproof, fireproof, and shockproof. You just need to ensure you keep it in the safest place possible and don't reveal your private key.

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