Bitcoin wallet password recovery

bitcoin wallet password recovery

29 de November de 2022

29 de November de 2022

Losing your wallet or mobile is not a death sentence anymore. Nowadays (thanks to all the existing methods), it is pretty feasible to recover them. The same thing happens with Bitcoin, as long as you have made a backup copy of your private key and 12-word phrase.

If not, what happens?

How to recover Bitcoins from my wallet?

What is the worst that can happen?

I hate to say this, but if you don’t remember your bitcoin wallet password, it’s tough to ever see your wallet and the funds in it again.

You must not go crazy. You have to be prudent and try as hard as you can to remember (I’m sure it’s not that difficult).

If you don’t remember your bitcoin wallet data, avoid:

🆘 Diving into a toxic landfill.
Hacking your computer.
🛑Trying hypnotherapy.

How to recover your bitcoin account

I’ll be clear with you.

As I already told you, recovering your bitcoin account is not easy, but it is not impossible.

Here are some tips to help you achieve it.

  1. Remember important information: Email, security passwords, and other contact information.
  2. Use recovery tools in case it is a software or hardware failure.
  3. Ask for help.
REMEMBER! It is not as challenging to find a hot wallet crypto (connected to the Internet) as a cold wallet (not connected to the Internet). If you are not savvy with the new technologies, it will make it much easier to have a cold crypto wallet(physical)..

What happens if you don’t remember the crypto seed phrase??

If you lose your private key, you cannot get your funds back. The crypto seed is the only way to access your addresses in order to manage your operations.

There is no ‘forgot my password’ option.

How to get a phrase of 12 words?

Easy and simple.

1️⃣ The wallet follows the BIP39 protocol: Produces private keys using a list of mnemonic words.

2️⃣ The bigger the phrase, the safer it will be.

3️⃣ The wallet algorithms will create a series of words according to your selection. You must make a copy of your crypto phrase to avoid losing your bitcoins.

What is a crypto seed?

To back up your bitcoin wallet information and thus protect your money, it is best to use a secure password (seed phrase).

The seed phrase is a kind of encryption of the private keys of our wallet.


How to get the private key?

When buying cryptocurrency for the first time, you will get two keys: a public one, which works like an email address, and a private one (a string of letters and numbers).

An asymmetric cryptography process generates the private key.

For example, our wallet by Material Bitcoin has a top-tier open-source key.

But why are private keys necessary?

This system ensures that digital money is a viable and secure option.

Eva Robledo - Material Bitcoin

Eva Robledo - Material Bitcoin

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