Put bitcoin in your cold wallet

Important! Verify that the address is perfectly spelled correctly because bitcoin transfers are irreversible.

Important! This does not look like a MATERIAL BITCOIN address. Are you sure you want to continue? Bitcoin transfers are irreversible.

As of this moment, you understand and confirm:

1.- That bitcoin transfers are irreversible and you assume full responsibility for sending funds to the address you have entered in this form, having checked its accuracy and full compatibility with the bitcoin network. You confirm that the bitcoin address entered is a valid address over which you have control. You confirm that you voluntarily choose to send money to this address.

2.- That you are going to perform a transaction with a provider (Exchanger) of services of exchange of fiat currency for bitcoin (BTC) totally unrelated to MATERIAL BITCOIN. Any incident in the process, you should contact the Exchanger through the communication channels established by him. MATERIAL BITCOIN will not assume any responsibility in the process of purchasing BTC and its subsequent shipment to the public address of your plate that has been provided by yourself.See the T&CGC of MATERIAL BITCOIN

MATERIAL BITCOIN is registered in the Registry of virtual currency for fiat currency exchange service providers of the Bank of Spain under number D701.

That its sole purpose is to comply with the registration obligation established in the Second Additional Provision of Law 10/2010, of April 28, 2010, on the prevention of money laundering and the financing of terrorism..

Investing in cryptoassets is not regulated, may not be suitable for retail investors and the entire amount invested may be lost. It is important to read and understand the risks of this investment which are explained in detail in this document.

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