TOP 15 Games to earn bitcoin


1 de February de 2024

Bitcoin needs people who have an open mind. Nothing will work if we believe that this world is not real.

Now it is no longer useful to have only bitcoin. You have to be original and traders seek to obtain rewards in other ways.

We went from original video games to play to earn. Do you want to know what the mission of these games is?
Well there it goes. Reward winners with cryptocurrencies, NFTs or tokens.

We are going to focus on what interests us: games to earn bitcoin. Let’s see what games exist, which ones are better and whether or not they are free.


What games to play to earn Bitcoin?

It depends on what you are looking for.
We prefer quality over quantity, but maybe you are looking for entertainment or something else.

Not all games are the same. What’s more, each one has a different mechanic. They also don’t offer the same potential earnings.

Therefore, here we leave you a list according to our preferences. I repeat, your taste does not have to be the same.
You are free to choose the one you like the most (or not pick any).


Top 15 games to earn bitcoin

Play to earn are games that use blockchain technology to store assets and distribute rewards to their players.

Some games require the player to have a specific cryptocurrency in order to play. There are others that are totally free.

However, not everyone gets bitcoin. Most of them earn other cryptocurrencies such as Axie Infinity (AXS) or Ethereum (Ether). The good thing is that you can exchange any of these cryptocurrencies for Bitcoin.

What are our favorite games?

  1. LightNite
  2. Age of Rust
  3. Roller Coin
  4. Bitcoin Riddle
  5. Cryptopop
  6. CropBytes
  7. Bitcoin Pop
  8. ThnderGames
  9. Bitcoin Bounty Hunt
  10. Bitrealm
  11. Infinite Fleet
  12. Zebedee
  13. Spells of Genesis
  14. Satoshi Quiz
  15. Spark Profit

1 – LightNite X


If you are a fan of Fortnite, LightNite is a game that you will surely love, as it shares the same Battle Royale style dynamics. However, what makes LightNite unique is its ability for you to earn Bitcoin while you play.

You will face other players in survival matches where the objective is to eliminate as many players as you can while keeping your character alive. You can choose to play solo or join teams for even more exciting matches.

The best thing about LightNite is that for every opponent you eliminate, you will earn Bitcoin rewards. However, keep in mind that if another player defeats you, you will lose an amount of bitcoin. This simple mechanic means that the most skilled players have the opportunity to win a significant amount of cryptocurrency.

A unique feature of LightNite is that all in-game assets, including characters, weapons, and outfits, are NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). This gives you the ability to trade them on a secondary market to get more cryptocurrency or improve your gaming experience.

2 – Age of Rust

age of rust

If you are a lover of futuristic settings, you are going to be excited about Age of Rust. This game takes you to the year 4424, in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity has lost the war, the space colonies are in ruins and an unstoppable enemy threatens.

What will you find in Age of Rust?

In this game, you will explore abandoned ships, mysterious caverns and face rogue machines in a setting that combines elements of science fiction and cyberpunk.

Featured Features:

  • Designed for one player
  • Available to play directly in your browser
  • Offers elements of combat, stealth and challenging puzzles
  • Embark on a treasure hunt
  • The game launches in three seasons, promising a total of up to 100 hours of gameplay.


Main tokens:

In Age of Rust, the main token is Rustbits (RUSTBITS). You can earn these tokens by solving puzzles and completing quests in the game. Each Rustbit NFT is backed by Enjin Coin (ENJ) and is part of a series of 37 million.

How to join the game:

Age of Rust is divided into three seasons. Season 1 is available for a starting cost of $14.99. If you want to access Seasons 2 and 3, you will need to acquire Rustbits, the in-game currency.

Specific gameplay:

Gameplay includes progressing through the adventure, solving challenging crypto puzzles that offer rewards in cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin and ENJ/NFT), and a final treasure hunt with a tempting reward of 20 BTC.

3 – Roller Coin

roller coin

An entertaining way to earn cryptocurrency while you play. Rollercoin is an online gaming platform that allows you to mine bitcoin while having fun. The game mechanics are based on managing your own virtual data center and competing in retro mini-games set in the 80s. The better you play, the more mining power you will earn.

How does it work? Registration is fast and free. Set up your virtual data center, customize it, and start mining Bitcoin. Play mini games to increase your mining power. Compete with other users and win real prizes in Bitcoin. You will earn satoshis (fractions of Bitcoin) as you play and increase your mining power.

Rollercoin also hosts regular competitions with Bitcoin rewards for the best players.

It’s a great way to learn about cryptocurrency mining without requiring expensive hardware or technical knowledge. Plus, you can compete with other players and win real bitcoin.

4 – Bitcoin Riddle

bitcoin ridle

It also works based on puzzles.

If you solve the mystery of bitcoin’s private key, the currency is yours.

Depending on the puzzle (more or less complex), you will get a greater or smaller reward.

Each puzzle starts with three basic clues, although there are some additional ones (for now, free).


5 – Cryptopop



Imagine Candy Crush with a cryptocurrency twist: that’s Crypto Pop. In this mobile game, developed by Heroku in China, you have to match and mine coins to advance. As you level up, you get rewards, and here’s the cool thing: the fewer coins you have left at the end of the level, the bigger your bonuses will be.

Crypto Pop allows you to mine Ethereum and Popcoin while you play. The more points you accumulate (up to a maximum of 300,000), the more ether or popcoin cents you earn. Additionally, the game offers bonuses through its referral system.

Of course, advertising is a negative aspect; You will see ads before each level. Additionally, levels sometimes reset, although your mined assets remain safe.

Despite the small drawbacks, Crypto Pop is a fun way to spend the time and earn some crypto in the process.

6 – CropBytes


Think of an NFT game where you run your own farm and earn Bitcoin (BTC) by trading products in the game. Crypto Bytes offers you this creative experience.

This game is based on real-world metrics for the success of your farm. Play regularly, upgrade your infrastructure and trade assets for Game Coins ($GBX).

Crypto Bytes is addictive and visually stunning. As you play, you farm and sell products to earn cryptocurrencies, like $CBX.

Take care of your crops and animals, as neglect can lead to disease and wasteland. Trading is key to growing your farm, although it requires time and patience.

The game is available on iOS and Android and has attracted a large player base. You can make money with Crypto Bytes, but keep in mind that it takes time and effort to make significant profits.

7 – Bitcoin Pop

bitcoin pop


Bitcoin Pop is a classic game where you pop bubbles to release sodas. What’s new here is that you can earn cryptocurrency while you play.

Your mission is simple: match bubbles of the same color to eliminate them and advance to the next level. However, please note that the game includes long advertisements after each level.

You can redeem your points in Bitcoin or Ethereum and transfer them to your Coinbase account, or withdraw them in dollars through PayPal.

Bitcoin Pop offers you a fun way to earn cryptocurrency while you play, but be prepared for some ads.

8 – ThnderGames


turbo 84


The company has two very simple games in which you can earn BTC.

On the one hand we have Turbo84; and on the other, Bitcoin Bounce.

In Turbo84 you must avoid obstacles with your car. To win bitcoin you must play and accumulate tickets, with which you can participate in weekly prizes.

Bitcoin Bounce is a game of skill. As if it were Mario Kart, but with bitcoin.

Additionally, THNDR Games has launched Bitcoin Blocks, a quite original game to earn Bitcoin. This mobile game combines Tetris and Sudoku, challenging you to solve puzzles and compete for Bitcoin based on your score.

Aside from that, Bitcoin Blocks features the “Gaming Graph”, which allows you to connect your profile to the Nostr social network and earn medals for your in-game achievements. This gaming experience seeks to bring more people into the world of Bitcoin through social competition.

It is an entertaining way to earn Bitcoin while enjoying entertaining puzzles. Time to play and win!


9 – Bitcoin Bounty Hunt


bitcoin bounty

Bitcoin Bounty Hunt is an online FPS where you compete against other players to collect their rewards. Rewards can be earned in various ways, such as finding them in the game world or through viewers of your stream.

The fascinating thing is that these rewards are converted into Bitcoin using the Bitcoin Lightning network. The game provides all the necessary tools to receive Bitcoin and transfer them to your preferred Lightning wallet.

With capacity for up to 100 players, Bitcoin Bounty Hunt is an action-packed experience and gives you the freedom to customize your character to your liking.

Prepare for battle and earn Bitcoin rewards in this addictive online bounty hunting game.

10 – Axie Infinity

axie infinity

Axie Infinity offers several ways for you to earn in-game money. The most common is through active participation in the game’s adventure. As you progress, you will receive the up-for-play token called Smooth Love Potion (SLP). Here we present the basic strategy to earn SLP:

  1. Complete Daily Missions: By completing your daily missions, which include 10 Adventure Mode levels and 5 Arena battles, you can earn 25 SLP.
  2. Adventure Mode (Player vs. Environment): Earn up to 50 SLP per day by completing PvE missions called Ruins.
  3. Arena mode (player vs. player): To participate in Arena battles, you will need to spend energy. Your ranking will determine how many SLPs you can earn.

You must be strategic and pay attention to win the battles and accumulate these valuable SLP. These tokens are essential for breeding Axies and are in high demand. Therefore, you can sell or exchange them on the Axie Market for other digital assets.

In addition to these basic strategies, there are four additional ways to win at Axie Infinity that you can explore.

11 – Infinite Fleet

infinte fleet

Infinite Fleet uses the INF token as its official in-game currency.

Like coins or gold in online games, INF allows players to purchase virtual items from other players and vendors within the game.

What makes it unique, however, is that INF is a real cryptocurrency, meaning players can transfer it outside of the game and store it in their own cryptocurrency wallets.

This gives players true ownership over their gaming assets and sets a groundbreaking precedent for the frictionless transfer of value between virtual and real assets.

12 – Zebedee


Zebedee is a rewards platform that allows you to earn Bitcoin by connecting to other games.

Through its ZBD Streamer tool, content creators can be more independent by collecting donations and funding their live streams without needing to resort to payments from platforms like YouTube or Twitch, or use third-party services like Patreon.

Zebedee integrates seamlessly into gaming applications, allowing players to earn bitcoin without even realizing it. This platform offers a way to be rewarded for your participation in games and live content.

13 – Spells of Genesis


spells of genesis

Spells of Genesis is a game that combines collectible cards with an arcade style. Players can collect, trade, and match orbs within the game, allowing them to earn bitcoin directly.

It offers a “play-to-earn” model where players can earn USD-pegged DAI tokens, which they can convert into cash. The game has evolved towards this model and migrated from Book of Orbs, making it easier for players to transfer their accounts to wallets like Casa Tookan Wallet, supporting Bitcoin, Counterparty and Ethereum.

14 – Satoshi Quiz 

satoshi quiz

Satoshi Quiz is a free bitcoin game.

Are you curious? Do you like to ask?

If the answer is yes, this is your game.

Here you can earn bitcoins by answering questions from different categories. For each one, you have the possibility of winning up to 100 bitcoins.

The minimum balance to withdraw is 11,000 satoshis, remember that satoshis are the smallest unit of bitcoin.

15 – Bitcoin blast

bitcoin blast

Bitcoin Blast gives us the opportunity to earn real bitcoin while playing the classic tic-tac-toe game on mobile. As you play, you’ll accumulate Bling Points, which you can then convert into bitcoin. While the rewards may seem small at first, the more you play, the more you accumulate.

The process is simple: download the application, register and log in. There are no complicated tricks or stratagems; Just play to earn Bling Points that you can later redeem for bitcoin. To convert, you only need a free account on Of course, I recommend that you always transfer your profits to a cold wallet.

Start playing and earn bitcoin with Bitcoin Blast!


If you notice, the common factor among these games is that you can earn cryptocurrencies and add them directly to your wallet.


Other ways to get bitcoin

Cryptocurrency markets are constantly moving and they become much more profitable.

Investing in bitcoin means you are investing in the future.

There are also other ways to earn bitcoin with play to earn:

  1. Cryptocurrency mining.
  2. Trading with bitcoin.
  3. Investment.

Each of these options has its complexities.

For us, the best way to make money with bitcoin is to trade. Which is yours?

Do you already have Bitcoin?

If you already have bitcoin and want your cryptocurrencies to be 100% safe, you should get one of our cold wallets: fire resistant (able to withstand up to 1,652 °F); to shocks and floods, thanks to the stainless steel material that they are made of.

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