India’s Leading 9+1 Crypto Projects


22 de February de 2024

As investing in cryptocurrencies all over the globe continues to rise, India is making some big noise in the crypto sphere with huge investment numbers and crypto projects booming. With over 19 million digital asset investors in India, a majority of them between the ages of 18 -35 years old, India’s youth is taking notice of the big gains that can be made with crypto. 

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As of early 2024, India’s stance on the legality of crypto is yet to be decided, but there is a leaning debate towards making crypto taxable. This would make it recognized officially within the country as a “real” currency and open the doors to more trade nationally and internationally. 

With so much talk about the positive future of crypto within India, it has helped to push forward many crypto projects within the country. Crypto trading platforms like WazirX, SingularityNET, and others have seen a massive increase in buying and trading and they also have their own coins and tokens, offering rewards for staking and investing.

In this post, we are going to take a deeper look into India’s top crypto projects. We will give you some examples and hopefully clear up any confusion along the way.

Get ready to explore India’s leading 9 crypto projects. 

3+1 Best Overall Crypto Projects in India

From investing, trading, swapping and selling, there is so much to be done with cryptocurrency. It can be used for buying goods with privacy, expanding your business globally with no currency borders or investing in something other than stocks and bonds

Here are India’s top 4 overall best crypto projects: 


1. Polygon

polygon matic

Originally known as Matic Network, this is a deeply rooted Indian blockchain leading the way within the country as the “go-to” Ethereum blockchain. It was created to fix issues with other Ether blockchains and quickly gained popularity because it enhanced dApp performance. 

🏆Notable Achievements: It can host many applications, including DeFi, NFTs and gaming, known as an “ecosystem” for expanding apps and the Ethereum network. 

🪙Investment Potential: As the blockchain continues to grow and expand, it creates the perfect opportunity for crypto investors. As Polygon allows you to build, stake and swap tokens, including its own token MATIC, it is our number one choice for Ethereum enthusiasts. 

2. WazirX (WRX)

WazirX (WRX)

Probably known as India’s most “important” and recognized crypto exchange, WazirX allows users to trade various cryptocurrencies, including its own token WRX, giving rewards to users. Its most notable features are its user-friendly interface and quick trading interactions. 

🏆Notable Achievements: Great for new crypto investors, the platform provides 24/7 customer service and a super easy interface to buy, sell and swap crypto. WazirX also provides decent safety and security, implementing additional features like two-factor authentication to access the exchange. They also pride themselves on being KYC compliant. This is a debatable achievement as on one hand, it helps to “protect” your assets but also takes away from the privacy and anonymity of buying with crypto. 

🪙Investment Potential: Since partnering with Binance, the platform has only grown on the global market, giving it a competitive edge over other crypto projects in India for unlocking its international potential. 

3. CoinDCX


Renowned as being a super secure and versatile crypto exchange in India, it offers many different services for investing and exchanging over 500+ cryptocurrencies. You can also earn crypto by staking on CoinDCX. 

🏆Notable Achievements: A self-proclaimed “comprehensive suite of services”, CoinDCX allows users to spot trade, buy and sell crypto. They continue to grow and expand their services which gives Coin DCX an edge in leading in the crypto exchange market both in India and globally. 

🪙Investment Potential: As the platform continues to put emphasis and a commitment to innovation, CoinDCX has significant growth potential. Maybe better suited for the advanced investor due to its complex offerings, if you make yourself familiar with all that you can do with crypto, there is HUGE potential to be made with CoinDCX.



Certainly, Bitcoin is a “must” when building a robust cryptocurrency portfolio. Even though it is more than typical in this world, Bitcoin is the cryptographic leader both in India and around the world, being the first cryptocurrency created and established as a digital asset for value storage. Its widespread adoption, the limited supply of 21 million bitcoins, and its decentralization are key factors that support its status as the most reliable cryptocurrency. Additionally, increasing institutional acceptance and integration into traditional financial systems reinforce Bitcoin’s position as a fundamental element in investment portfolio diversification.

We invest in Bitcoin for the long term, making small continuous contributions and storing it in a secure place like Material Bitcoin, a decentralized bitcoin wallet, completely under our control. This way, if the exchange closes, it won’t take your funds with it. You will also be protected from hacks and other dangers.

You can take a look at the wallet from here.

3 Best Crypto AI Projects in India

Something that we hear about non-stop in today’s world is AI. Used for a variety of different sectors, artificial intelligence has even made its way into crypto finance. Maybe better understood for the more advanced user, AI platforms are used to problem solve and improve efficiency in blockchains. AI crypto projects are not just changing the way we improve blockchains but are also advancing the digital economy. 

Let’s have a look into India’s top 3 AI Crypto Projects to watch out for: 

1. SingularityNET (AGIX)

singularitynet agix

This is expected to be a “groundbreaking project” as a decentralized marketplace for AI services. It is meant to help developers in the Indian tech community to create, share and monetize on AI technology by using crypto blockchains. 

🏆Notable Achievements: Meant to be used as a global platform, they aim to create a more compassionate and sustainable AI blockchain for the future. 

🪙Investment Potential: As this is a relatively new concept in the world of crypto blockchains, there is a chance for big growth and investment. As their open-access model encourages the development and adoption of AI, it can potentially be used in many sectors apart from finance in the future. 


fetch ai

The main goal of is to create a decentralized digital economy by using AI to its advantage. Their idea is to use AEAs (Autonomous Economic Agents) to make transactions automatically, not relying on humans. This makes the process of buying and selling ideal for investors looking to make quick decisions based on an algorithm. In our opinion, it is ideal for day traders to use to their advantage. 


🏆Notable Achievements: The AEAs developed by can be used to make a wide range of trading decisions, by “automating” strategies since these “intelligent agents” can interact with each other and with decentralized data sources to make transactions on their own. 

🪙Investment Potential: Similar to SingularityNET, has the potential to revolutionize many industries, not just finance. But, it is worth noting that FET tokens (’s own), are currently in high demand and are only expected to continue to grow in India and Internationally. 

3. Ocean Protocol

ocean protocol

Generally speaking, Ocean Protocol works to connect data providers with consumers over a blockchain. This allows individuals and organizations to monetize and share their data safely without needing to rely on centralized third-party organizations to do so. 

🏆Notable Achievements: Focusing on AI apps, Ocean Protocol puts the idea of data exchange as holding great value. Data providers tokenize their info and trade it on Ocean Protocol’s decentralized marketplace. 

🪙Investment Potential: As the demand for AI services expands, using it as an opportunity to grow your digital portfolio is massive. They provide a unique opportunity for investors to stake data and earn passive rewards.


Other Crypto Innovations in India: What To Be on the Lookout For

“Other” can be a broad description that includes many different technologies and concepts in the crypto investing world. Here is a look at some of the ones you should keep an eye on:

1. NFTs:

A Bollywood lover’s dream, is a platform where Indian celebrities and artists can create their own NFT (Non-Fungible Token). Culturally speaking, since there is such a major impact of celebrity culture within India, this is a revolutionary concept that is only going to gain traction among the population. 

2. Gaming: Loco


One of India’s premier game streaming platforms, Loco is moving into the realm of blockchains and crypto. The idea here is that they offer new ways of engaging with gamers to the games themselves. They also offer an interesting play-to-earn platform on the blockchain, including crypto and NFTs. 

3. Tech: MaticVerse


Taking the idea of the metaverse and using it to its advantage, MaticVerse is trying to blend VR into real apps in different sectors, including finance. Some say that it might be the next big boom in the Indian market, although its current value isn’t much to brag about. You can earn their token $mverse in the play-to-earn structure created by the app with their first revolutionary game Baby Vengers and you can even mint NFTs in their marketplace.

Are These Projects Worth My Investment?

As cryptocurrencies continue to diversify and the ability to use them in different platforms and earn them through buying, staking and playing games grow, the possibilities are endless. However, one thing that is clear with all of the variety of crypto is that not all of them are equal. 

Are there some great possibilities for new investments in India? Yes! And getting on board early is always great, but one thing that is tride and true is the security of Bitcoin in the current market, along with Ethereum and a few others.

Backing some of India’s more exciting crypto projects provide a new and perhaps entertaining way to earn rewards while doing something you enjoy, but for long term investing it might be worth transferring those token gains to BTC. 

How Material Bitcoin Secures Your Digital Gold

Understanding the top 9 crypto projects in India gives you a better idea of the marketplace and the potential of where it is going. Crypto gives investors so many options that go way beyond buying and selling. It can take you into gaming, entertainment, banking and tech.

But, the major question that we have not addressed in this whole post is…where can you safely keep your cryptocurrency? Sure, using crypto in exchanges, games, and online wallets is great when in small quantities, ready for any purchase on the spot. But do you want to keep everything in one place that is connected to the internet?

Bad idea. 

This is where moving your crypto into a cold hardware wallet, like that of Material Bitcoin for long-term storage is your best option. With easy access and the ability to move your BTC, Ether and USDT to and from the wallet, you never have to worry about accessibility or safety. 

Discover India’s safest storage solution for crypto and get busy exploring the new investment opportunities that come ahead. 

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