One step away from TOKEN2049: Material prepares to make history in Dubai


11 de April de 2024

¡TOKEN2049 Dubai is already a resounding success! Material is gearing up to make history at the crypto event of the year.

TOKEN2049 is just around the corner, along with the Bitcoin 2024 Halving. Two of the most significant events in the crypto world in recent years (you know that everything can change in a matter of hours).

TOKEN2049 is one of the largest cryptocurrency events internationally. It is held in Dubai and Singapore, in the months of April and September respectively.

Just imagine, tickets for the inaugural conference in Dubai have sold out over two weeks in advance, with 10,000 industry participants confirmed.


soldout dubai token


About the event:

The event brings together highly influential figures in the sector, including names like Pavel Durov, CEO of Telegram; Paolo Ardoino, CEO of Tether; Bryan Johnson, founder of Blueprint; and Binance CEO, Richard Teng, among others.

In our previous article, we provided all the details about this crypto event celebration. You can check it out right here.

And why all the excitement? Because we ourselves will also be among the participants.

Exactly, we’ll be present on April 18th and 19th, where we’ll not only showcase our Cold Wallets, but also have some special and dazzling surprises in store.


Material and its Crypto Wallets at TOKEN2049 Dubai

Uxío Fraga, founder and CEO of Material, has always been clear about the mission: to democratize access to investment in today’s most popular currencies: USDT, Ethereum and, of course, Bitcoin.

How do we do it? Easy, by creating the safest wallet in the world so that you and only you have control over your cryptocurrencies.

material bitcoin recortada

Therefore, at DUBAI TOKEN2049, we will be more than excited to showcase our various products to the crypto world.

Among the products we bring to the event:

  • Material Standard: our most iconic product and one of the most popular and highly regarded. Designed to securely store Bitcoin for the long term.
  • Material Ethereum: with Material Ethereum, you can invest in this popular cryptocurrency without worries of theft, hackers, or key loss.
  • Material USDT: how could we not have a version for a Stablecoin?
  • Material DIY: the safest seed phrase wallet available, compatible with other wallets to enhance security.
  • Material Shadow: our latest commitment to security. This product is not only the most discreet and undecipherable but also includes the Material Bitcoin Portable, allowing you to carry it in your wallet without risks, as only your public address will be recorded. Material Shadow consists of two parts to operate, as it is divided into 2 pieces of ultra-resistant steel.


The idea behind our wallets is to shield your cryptocurrencies from the constant dangers lurking in this world, such as hackers, fraud, or phishing. As you may know, leaving your cryptocurrencies on exchanges or online wallets is highly risky.

Anverso placa material ether para almacenar ethereum

Why is this event so important?

TOKEN2049 represents a milestone in the world of cryptocurrencies, marking a before and after in the industry.

This event not only provides networking and collaboration opportunities but also serves as a platform to discuss and explore the most relevant topics of the moment. From the intersection of AI and Web3 to hyperscale solutions, decentralized physical infrastructures, Bitcoin ETFs, institutional flows, Web3 gaming, and memecoins, among many others.

Additionally, the official closing party of TOKEN2049 Dubai, AFTER 2049, promises to be an epic event featuring iconic DJs and producers such as AWEN, Enoo Napa, and MoBlack, blending afro house rhythms with special performances.

Join us!

At Material, we’re thrilled to be part of this unique experience. Stay tuned for our event updates and coverage on our social media channels and blog to stay informed of all the latest developments. You can follow us even more closely on our Telegram channel.

Will you be attending? Write to us at to arrange a meeting!

And that’s not all!

But that’s not all… We’re preparing something big and groundbreaking. Keep an eye on our social media channels and blog and… Get ready for the unexpected.

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