Material Bitcoin private key security


10 de March de 2023

How the private key is generated

The private key is generated using a first class open source key generation engine. In fact, it is the same engine used by Electrum, which is a highly reputable software in the Bitcoin community that has been audited on numerous occasions.

In addition, the generation and marking production unit (where each Material Bitcoin wallet is manufactured) is completely isolated from the network. It cannot be hacked, because it is not online.

Without human intervention

The private key is generated and engraved on the steel plate by a robotic process, and is instantly and completely removed from the system’s memory. Our systems engineers are extremely strict about computer security.

We do not store private keys

The private key exists briefly in system memory for the minimum time necessary (a few seconds) for the laser to engrave it into the steel plate. It is then aggressively erased from system memory (even caches are purged, and variables are reset to default values every cycle).

There are no logs, no databases, no temporary files, no nothing at all.

The private key exists only on the steel plate.

No one has seen the private key

Not even our engineers can see the private key: It is calculated, engraved, erased from memory, hidden with a metallic vinyl and enveloped in an watertight aluminum heat seal. Many layers ensure the privacy of your plate.

The finished Material Bitcoin plates, conveniently sealed, are stored in safes. (This is already an obsession, a trademark of the house. In reality it would not be necessary to do so, because trying to access the private key of a Material Bitcoin wallet would completely ruin its packaging).

Only you will see the private key when it arrives at your home.

No doubts on your part

If you suspect that your package has been tampered with, don’t hesitate: Send us a photo to [email protected] and we will immediately produce a new Material Bitcoin wallet at no cost for you.

To access the wallet you have to break the heat seal, which in turn is marked with a unique identifier. If an intruder were to try to access the private key, the tampering would be obvious.

Furthermore, as all components are metallic and completely opaque, we have found that the private key cannot be observed even by X-ray.

Robotic process

The manufacturing of Material Bitcoin is fully automated and takes place inside a guarded room with restricted access.

The hardware and software involved in the manufacturing process of the Material Bitcoin wallets has been audited and certified by the independent IT consultant Lambda Telematics, S.L. (NIF B70451364. Registered in the Mercantile Registry of Santiago de Compostela, Volume 251, Page 83, Inscription 1 with Sheet SC 47729).


Uxío - Material Bitcoin

Uxío - Material Bitcoin

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