Coinbase crypto Wallet Review. It is safe?


13 de September de 2023

Coinbase crypto Wallet review:

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coinbase wallet

Coinbase Wallet is a hot wallet that supports a variety of cryptocurrencies and tokens, but is it as secure as it seems?

  • Cryptos 95% 95%
  • Education 90% 90%
  • Easy of use 93% 93%
  • Security 50% 50%
  • Fees 35% 35%
coinbase wallet

What is Coinbase Wallet?

The Coinbase Wallet is a hot wallet (connected to the internet) used for storing your cryptocurrencies online.

This cryptocurrency wallet has quickly gained popularity in the market, partially due to the reputation of the exchange.

It stands out from others because it’s non-custodial, meaning it’s not controlled by third parties. This gives you more control over your assets and keys, but is this alone sufficient?

We’ll explore this further below.

Another appealing feature is that the Coinbase wallet provides access to a wide variety of cryptocurrencies and tokens, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. In total, you can store hundreds of thousands of coins, including NFT tokens.

Key Features of Coinbase Wallet:

  1. Wide range of supported assets: It offers support for thousands of tokens and cryptocurrencies, providing users with diversified investment options.
  1. Intuitive user unterface: the interface is straightforward and user-friendly, making it easy for navigation and management of digital assets, especially for beginners.
  1. Enhanced security: it gives you the option to enable two-factor authentication (2FA) and store your private keys offline for added security.
  1. Online learning: it provides online learning modules to help beginners learn about cryptocurrencies and digital investments, and users can earn rewards for completing courses.
  1. Access to decentralized applications (dApps): it allows access to decentralized applications, including DeFi and decentralized exchanges, directly from the platform.
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Coinbase Wallet: Pros and Cons

✅ Pros

✓ Beginner-friendly: it boasts a highly intuitive interface.

✓ Wide fange of assets: a vast array of cryptocurrencies for investment.

✓ Double authentication: the 2FA option and private key control enhance security.

✓ Online learning: offers educational modules for beginners.

✓ Access to dApps: facilitates interaction with decentralized applications.

✓ Mobile availability: enables asset management on the go.

✓ Business and development products: covers solutions for both enterprises and developers.

❌ Cons

✗ High fees: its fees are high and lack transparency, we’ll delve into them below.

✗ Limited to mobile devices: the full version is not available for desktop or laptop computers.

✗ Poor reviews: some reviews mention account access and security issues (I’ll show you below as well).

✗ Security concerns: it remains a hot wallet, which always comes with issues.

Prices and fees of Coinbase Wallet

You can download and use the Coinbase Wallet for free.

But (because there’s always a ‘but’), what exactly happens here?

Well, Coinbase charges fees high enough to make that ‘but’ stand out.

Let me tell you exactly what Coinbase Wallet charges you for 👇

💰Coinbase Wallet fees

1. Transaction fees:

These will be applied when you make cryptocurrency transactions, and their price depends on:

  • The cryptocurrency: not all cryptocurrencies have the same fees. For example, Bitcoin’s fees are often higher due to demand and network capacity.
  • Network congestion: the more congested the network, the higher the fees to process transactions faster.
  • Transaction priority: you can choose a lower fee if you’re not in a hurry or a higher fee for quicker confirmation.

    2. dApps usage fees:

    If you use decentralized applications (dApps) from the Coinbase Wallet, some dApps may impose their own fees for using their services.

    3. Exchange fees:

    Exchanging one cryptocurrency for another also comes with associated costs and varies depending on the market and the cryptocurrency you choose.

      4. Withdrawal fees to external wallets:

      If you decide to transfer funds from your Coinbase Wallet to another external wallet, such as your cold wallet, you’ll be charged a fairly high fee.

      Coinbase Wallet DOES NOT charge fees for:

      1. Holding cash and supported cryptocurrencies in the wallet.
      2. Transferring between Coinbase Wallet accounts.

      🛡Security of Coinbase Wallet

      Is Coinbase Wallet Secure? Can your assets and tokens be stolen? I don’t know about you, but security is the first thing i consider when choosing a wallet, whether it’s hot, cold, or both.

      Let’s delve into the security of Coinbase Wallet point by point.

      Dangers of software Wallets

      Software wallets, like Coinbase Wallet, offer significant advantages such as speedy transactions, but they also come with inherent risks. One of the most significant risks is the possibility of being hacked and malware (more common than it may seem).

      What I recommend is keeping only the cryptocurrencies you intend to use for transactions, operations, or exchanges in your hot wallet. Everything you don’t plan to use should be stored in a cold wallet for added security. Personally, I use Material’s cold wallets, which are among the most secure on the market.


      FDIC and Coinbase wallet

      The FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) protects the cash of Coinbase customers held in traditional bank accounts, and Coinbase explicitly states this.

      However, it does not offer protection for cryptocurrencies or cryptocurrency wallets themselves.

      It’s crucial to understand this distinction and be aware that while cash in Coinbase is insured by the FDIC in the event of a bank failure, your cryptocurrencies do not have the same level of protection.


      If you encounter any issues understanding the app, buying/selling cryptocurrencies, or anything else… Don’t stress out. Coinbase Wallet provides a resources section and tutorials to teach you everything about their wallet and the world of cryptocurrencies.

      You can also earn rewards for completing courses and modules within their educational area.

      💬Coinbase wallet Review

      Coinbase wallet review

      The truth is, the user reviews of Coinbase are not very positive. On Trustpilot, there are more than 9,000 reviews, and 78% of them are one-star out of five.

      If you do some research, you’ll see that most of them are related to account access problems or the inability to access their funds or even the loss of these funds.

      That’s why, even though Coinbase has security measures in place, I advise you to always use a cold wallet. This doesn’t mean you have to stop using a software wallet for your transactions. Here’s a list of the most secure crypto wallets.

      🤔Who is Coinbase wallet designed for?

      Coinbase Wallet is primarily designed for beginner users looking for a multi-crypto online wallet.

      It’s also suitable for more experienced users seeking access to decentralized applications.

      🛟Precautions when using Coinbase Wallet

      • Account security: use a secure and unique password for your Coinbase account. enable two-factor authentication (2FA) for an additional layer of security when logging in.
      • recovery phrase: store your recovery phrase in a safe and offline place. The safest place is here.
      • Keep the software updated: make sure to keep the Coinbase app updated with the latest security versions.
      • Phishing and suspicious emails: learn to recognize phishing emails or websites that attempt to steal your login data or personal information. Never provide your Coinbase credentials in response to unsolicited or suspicious emails.
      • Secure devices: use secure and up-to-date devices to access your Coinbase software wallet. avoid accessing your account from public or shared devices.
      • private key protection: understand the importance of your private keys and how Coinbase manages them. consider the option of a hardware wallet if you want an additional level of security for your private keys.
      • Secure transactions: always verify the receiving addresses before making a transaction. be cautious of suspicious or unsolicited transactions.
      • Personal information: do not share sensitive personal information online related to your Coinbase account.
      • Contacting support: if you have issues or questions, use Coinbase’s official support channels and avoid unverified websites or contact numbers.
      • Ongoing education: stay updated on the latest threats and best security practices in the world of cryptocurrencies.

      In summary,

      Honestly, I believe Coinbase is a good hot/software cryptocurrency wallet. I appreciate its educational resources, design, and most importantly, the wide range of cryptocurrencies it allows me to store.

      However, I don’t like that there’s no desktop app yet, and I’m concerned about security.

      That’s why I always recommend (I know I’ve repeated it several times) a cold wallet. I say it again and again, but it’s the best way to keep your funds safe. What about you? What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

      By the way, down below, I’ve listed other features of Coinbase in case you want to dig deeper.

      Other Coinbase Wallet Features

      In addition to its main features, Coinbase Wallet offers other additional functionalities that sometimes go unnoticed:

      • Connection to exchanges: it allows users to connect their existing exchange accounts directly to the wallet.
      • Seed phrase in Google Drive: it offers the option to back up the recovery phrase on Google Drive, which can be useful for users who want an additional backup.
      • Use of usernames: Coinbase Wallet users can use usernames instead of addresses to receive and send cryptocurrencies and NFTs. This can make transactions simpler and easier to remember.
      • Privacy and anonymity: Coinbase Wallet does not require personal information, such as an email or phone number, for use. This contributes to a high level of privacy.


      To clarify some common questions, here are some frequently asked questions about Coinbase Wallet:


      • Is Coinbase Wallet safe? Coinbase Wallet, being a non-custodial wallet, is generally considered safer than leaving your cryptocurrencies on an exchange. However, the security of any wallet depends on how well you protect your private keys and recovery phrases. If you take appropriate security measures, it can be a secure option.
      • Is it worth using Coinbase Wallet? Whether it’s worth using Coinbase Wallet depends on your preferences and needs. It’s a good choice if you value control over your private keys, want to explore decentralized applications (dApps), and hold a variety of cryptocurrencies. Consider your priorities in terms of security and ease of use when deciding.
      • Can you withdraw money from a Coinbase Wallet? Yes, you can transfer cryptocurrencies out of Coinbase Wallet to other wallets or exchanges. It gives you full control over your funds, so you can send them wherever you like.
      • Is it better to keep assets in Coinbase or in Coinbase Wallet? Generally, it’s considered safer to keep cryptocurrencies in Coinbase Wallet than on the Coinbase exchange because you have control over your private keys. However, the choice depends on your specific needs, such as convenience for trading versus long-term security. For large sums and long-term storage, I recommend a cold wallet.

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