The best gift for my geeky boyfriend



6 de November de 2023

Is your boyfriend a geek, and you’re not sure what to get him?

Today, I bring you the ultimate solution, and it checks all the boxes: Geeky, Mind-Blowing, and Easy!

Introducing Material Bitcoin’s physical Bitcoin cold wallet, a genuinely secure and cool way to store Bitcoin. It’s both elegant and geeky to the max.

material bitcoin estándar

Your boyfriend will be blown away when he sees it!

If he already owns some Bitcoin, you’ll provide him with the ultimate device to keep it safe. And if he doesn’t have Bitcoin yet, you’ll help him enter the world of the must-have asset for every self-respecting geek.

Why is this geeky gift so awesome?

Unlike other storage systems, Material is hacker-proof, fireproof (+900°C), waterproof, and tough as steel (Well, it’s made of steel – specifically, super-geeky AISI 304L high-resistance steel). It’s so robust that it comes with a 100-year warranty – yes, you read that right! It includes free customer support in case you have any questions.

A geeky gift for a lifetime

Bitcoin is here to stay, and storing it securely is crucial for long-term preservation and potential appreciation. With this beautiful Bitcoin wallet, you’re giving an elegant, practical, and incredibly valuable gift.

How much does this marvel cost?

The standard version is priced at €89. It includes a high-quality case, a couple of extra stickers, and detailed tutorial instructions to make the most of your Material wallet. This geeky wallet is always a safe bet!

A more budget-friendly option for this geeky cryptocurrency gift

There’s a DIY (Do It Yourself) version of the Material cryptocurrency wallet. If your boyfriend is a mega-geek when it comes to cryptocurrency security, he’ll be delighted to receive this fantastic gift. The Material DIY version includes a tungsten carbide reinforced steel punch, allowing your tech-savvy geek to generate his own mnemonic seed and personally mark it on the steel plate. Plus, it’s only €59!


An extra dose of geeky love

Want to have a truly special gift for your geeky boyfriend? You can personalize your Bitcoin wallet with his name or both of yours! It’s a beautiful and eye-catching joint investment for the geekiest couple. The cost of a customized Material Bitcoin plate is €199.

Geeky Gift for Men? And for Women too!

While most Bitcoin holders are men, women are quickly catching up. The split is now around 60%/40%, and the trend is evening out year by year. A growing percentage of people own Bitcoin, and in countries like the United States, India, or Japan, its use is becoming increasingly popular. Although Bitcoin has always remained secure as a rock, with the collapse of major exchanges like FTX, the community has realized the importance of storing cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin in highly secure wallets, disconnected from the internet, and safe from hackers.

Do you have any questions about the gift for your geeky boyfriend?

Don’t worry; we’re here to help. You can reach out to us via email or Telegram. Place your order now and receive it in just a few days.

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