How to check your Material USDT balance


8 de February de 2024

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Steps to check your Material USDT balance

With the Material USDT wallet everything is easy, safe and fast.

All you have to do is take a good look at your wallet.

On the front you will find an address and a QR code. These are the elements that will help you to check your balance from any app, either from a cell phone or a computer.

Pay attention as we explain it step by step!


Check your balance step by step

The easiest way to check your wallet balance is on This website is nothing more than a search engine for different types of cryptocurrency addresses. When you enter an address to check the balance, this website will search the entire blockchain and show you the transactions that have been made to that address.

Below we will show you a video so you can see how easy it is to check the balance, and then we will explain the three steps so you can check it yourself:

Step 1

Go to and you’ll find a search bar in the middle of the page. You can copy and paste your address there if you already have it saved or, easier still, just click on the camera button on the right and you can scan the QR of your badge and you don’t have to type anything.



Consultar saldo en Blockchair


material usdt


Step 2

Show the wallet to the camera. (If you are on a computer, you must have an integrated or external webcam).

Note: If your browser has never used your camera you will get a notification at the top left asking if you give your browser permission to use it.

By allowing its use you will only have to face the wallet to the camera allowing the QR code to be detected.


Consultar saldo Material USDT


Step 3

If it reads correctly, your address should appear along with your current balance and below it the history of transactions made with your address.

Resultado de consultar tu saldo USDT

If you still have questions, contact us

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Javier - Material Bitcoin

Javier - Material Bitcoin

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