How to give away bitcoin?



29 de November de 2022

The birthday or wedding of a loved one arrives, and you don’t know what to give them.

Bitcoin is the perfect gift if you want to give a timeless gift to those who matter to you the most.

There is always a first time for everything. And I assure you that you will not regret it.

Bitcoin, a gift for posterity

All cryptocurrencies are reliable, but bitcoin stands out among the rest.

Holding bitcoin is a way to escape the outdated traditional payment system that surrounds us. It has arrived at a critical moment, and society needs it to survive.   

Right now, the future of bitcoin is bright and somehow inevitable. It may not be the most widely used virtual currency in 50 years, but currently, owning bitcoin is like owning a gold bar.

How to gift bitcoin – 4 Ways and ideas

Bitcoin is not a ring or a watch. It is much more than that since its value can increase dramatically. In any case, this gift requires dedication and preparation. If you are thinking about giving cryptocurrency as a gift, or you want to give away bitcoin but don’t know how to do it, here are several ideas.

1- Give away a bitcoin wallet with bitcoin inside 

This crypto wallet allows you to store and manage bitcoin. In addition to being safe, it is very easy to use. Acquiring a Material Bitcoin plate is the best thing you can do if what you want is to give away bitcoin.

As you might already know, cold cryptocurrency wallets are not connected to the Internet, which makes it (very) difficult for someone to have access to your private key and, therefore, to steal it from you.

2- Give away a video game to earn bitcoin

If you are a video game geek, this will come in handy. Nowadays, you can earn bitcoin thanks to ‘play to earn’ (play to win). How do they work?

These games use blockchain technology to store assets and distribute rewards to their players. If you want to know more about them, here is an article about games to earn bitcoin.

❌ It’s not easy, and you won’t be able to make much money either, but it’s a fun option. 😉

3- Give away BTC anonymously

 If you want to give away bitcoin anonymously, the easiest and simplest thing is to use bitcoin ATMs.

You will only have to go to the nearest Bitcoin ATM and buy these cryptocurrencies using cash. When the teller asks you to enter your bitcoin address, indicate that you don’t have one. In this way, it will generate a paper wallet for you and you will be able to send those bitcoins wherever you want.

❌ The downside is that they won’t know who you are. It will be like an instant transfer but anonymous. And if it’s a gift, I suppose that person will want to know who it came from. Although, it’s more intriguing that way. 😈

4- Give away an ASIC to mine bitcoin 

Two gifts in one. If you opt for this option, you will be giving away an ASIC and also bitcoin.

Between the desire to generate money and the difficulties that appear along the way, there are many who invest in home equipment. Therefore, this is a very good alternative.

❌ The downside is that you’ll  spend a lot of electricity.

The safest way to give Bitcoin

The safest and most conscious way is using a Material Bitcoin plate.

This plate is the most secure Bitcoin wallet in the market, as it is built to last no matter what..

If what you want is for your bitcoins to be 100% safe, you still have time to get one of our wallets: 

  • Fire resistant (capable of withstanding up to 900 °C or 1652 °F); 
  • Shocks and floods, thanks to the stainless steel material that composes them.

Soon it will be possible to give away the plate with bitcoin inside. And I anticipate that it will be a revolution.

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