How to Withdraw and Send Ethereum from Your Material Ether Wallet


9 de August de 2023

We’ll walk you through the process, step by step, of transferring Ether from your Material Ether wallet. You’ll find it surprisingly simple. Moreover, this tutorial will also guide you on how to send your Ether funds to your Material Ether wallet or another public address.

Why might you want to do this? One reason could be to send your Ether to an exchange and convert it, let’s say, into euros. And remember, you can do this from any of your devices.

How to Transfer Ether from your Material Ether Wallet

As you’re aware, your Material Ether wallet contains a seed phrase that’s safeguarded by a metallic vinyl. This seed phrase is vital for relocating your Ether to another destination. However, it’s absolutely crucial that only you maintain access to it.


Step 1

Firstly, you need to log in to My Ether Wallet.

Upon entering, you’ll spot the “I already have a wallet” option. Go ahead and select it.

Following that, among other choices, you’ll find “Restore with recovery phrase.” Click on that.

paso 1Paso 1

Step 2

You’ll encounter a screen displaying various numbers. This is where you’ll input each word from the back of your wallet. You’ll also be prompted to set a PIN and, if you wish, your fingerprint.

Paso 2

Step 3

After completing the aforementioned steps, your wallet will be imported and ready for transferring funds to an exchange.


Paso 3

From the exchange, you’ll be able to withdraw your Ethereum in a couple of steps by following your exchange’s instructions.


 Preliminary Steps for Sending Ether from your Material Ether Wallet to Another Address

Transferring funds from your Material Ether wallet to another address is a straightforward process that can be accomplished anytime from your mobile device or computer, taking no more than 5 minutes. We’ll guide you through the steps in an uncomplicated manner.


Step 1

After importing the mnemonic seed of your Material Ether and creating your Ether wallet, select it. This is the part we’ve covered in the previous steps. Upon doing so, you’ll see the cryptocurrencies held in that wallet.

In this instance, choose Ether.

Paso 1

Step 2

Once selected, you’ll see various options, including “Send.”

You’ll be prompted to input the public address of your wallet (or the address where you intend to send the Ether).

Remember, this address is NOT your seed phrase. It’s your public address, utilized for sending Ether or checking your wallet’s balance.

You can input the public address of your Material Ether badge if you’re sending Ether back to it. If you’re sending it elsewhere, use the public address of that destination.

You can either scan the QR code from your Material Ether, paste it from another source, or type it manually.


Paso 2
Paso 2

Step 3

After entering the public address, you’ll be asked for the amount of Ether you wish to send. You’ll also receive information about associated fees and estimated transaction time.

Keep in mind that the fees will be deducted from your intended amount, meaning you won’t send the full desired sum.

Once this is set, click “Send” and you’ll be prompted to verify the transaction.

Paso 3

Step 4

Double-check and confirm the transaction.

Verify the address (Ensure it’s correct) and the amount (Double-check the sum). Then click erase any traces of your mnemonic seed You’ll need to enter your PIN, which you set up when importing the wallet into My Ether Wallet.


Paso 4


IMPORTANT: Remove the created wallet after the transaction!

It’s vital that you erase any traces of your mnemonic seed. To do this, you’ll need to delete the wallet you created.

How to do it:

Click on “Settings” and “support and settings.”


Eliminar semilla 1
Eliminar semilla 2


Then select “Reset wallet” and confirm. Your wallet will be deleted.

eliminar semilla 3


Need assistance? If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us via WhatsApp (+34 625 215 353).

David - Material Bitcoin

David - Material Bitcoin

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