How to accept payments in Ethereum with my Material Ether wallet?


14 de December de 2023

Important: Before proceeding with this tutorial, make sure to have read and understood this Good Practices Manual for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Security.

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Accepting payments in Ethereum is very useful, both for businesses and independent workers, or even for individuals conducting casual transactions. It provides privacy and total control of your money.

If you want to accept a payment in Ethereum, you just need to provide your Material Ether wallet Ethereum address.

In other words, you have to give your payer the code that appears on the front.

anverso material

For example, your address could be something like this:


To better understand, consider this example:

Imagine you wanted to charge for a service or product through a bank transfer in euros. You would only need to provide your bank account number to indicate to your payer where to send the money. The address of your Material Ether wallet is your “ethereum account number.” And it is unique in the world.

Practical tip!

Scan the QR code on your wallet with your mobile phone to get the address without having to copy it by hand. This is important because it will help you avoid possible copy errors.

Remember that Ethereum transfers are irreversible. Sending to an address that is not yours is equivalent to losing the money.

How much Ethereum to receive?

When you request payment, you need to specify how much Ethereum you want to receive.

Continuing with the example, imagine you’ve completed a job worth €2500, and you want to be paid in Ethereum to your Material Ether wallet.

Search on Google “euros to ethereum.” You’ll find numerous calculators that allow you to translate those €2500 into the corresponding amount of Ethereum, according to the current price. For example, at the time this article was written, €2500 was equivalent to 1.19 Ethereum.

Can I generate an invoice for my payer?


Although payments received in Ethereum to your Material Ether wallet are inherently anonymous, if you wish, you can create an invoice in the same way you would with any fiat currency payment (euros, dollars, etc.)

When generating your invoice, you should include amounts in Ethereum, along with their corresponding value in the currency of the country where you want to present the invoice (for example, in euros).

How do I check if I’ve received payment?

There are numerous free online services, such as this one or this one.

Click on the camera icon to scan the QR code on your wallet and check the transaction history (balance, incoming and outgoing funds).

In practice

If you’re requesting payment online

You’ll write to your payer a message (for example, an email) saying something like:

“Send me 1.19 Ethereum to the address 0xbDD5ab039f26cB0b4bb8987d343B33944e1a1E48.”

*This is an example. Use your own data.

If you’re requesting payment in person

Show your Material Ether wallet so that the other person (your payer) can scan the QR code.

Following these guidelines, you can receive Ethereum payments in your Material Ether wallet privately and securely.

You can purchase your Material Ether directly from here.

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