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How can I confirm the authenticity of my MATERIAL BITCOIN wallet and ensure that I can withdraw the Bitcoin I’ve stored in it?

Watch how to do it in the following video:

I have already received my MATERIAL BITCOIN wallet. What should I do now?

The first step after receiving your cold wallet is to check that neither the packaging or the private key sticker of your wallet have been tampered with and are in perfect condition. We send your Material Bitcoin wallet in a sealed package, and inside you’ll find the wallet in a heat-sealed bag to ensure that only you have opened it.

Please contact us if your package or the envelope is open when it arrives.


Your wallet is active from the moment it arrives, that means, it’s ready to be used for deposits and withdrawals of your bitcoin right away.

Does my MATERIAL BITCOIN have funds?

If you just received it, it does not have funds yet.

Remember that the Material Bitcoin wallet is a cold wallet to store only bitcoin.

What does the writing on my wallet mean?

On the front, you will find the following:

  • Address: it identifies your wallet and allows you to check your cold wallet’s balance.
  • QR address: allows to receive funds when scanned.


On the back, you will find the following:

  • Protective metallic vinyl: it will help to keep your private key hidden. The Material Bitcoin wallet comes with spare stickers.
  • Private Key: It is the one that allows you to spend your bitcoin or withdraw it. It is crucial that only you have access to this key. 

How do I buy bitcoin to store in my  MATERIAL BITCOIN wallet?

Enter here to buy bitcoin and get it directly to your MATERIAL BITCOIN

How do I send bitcoin to my bitcoin cold wallet?

Once you buy bitcoin, you must send it to the address that appears engraved on the Material Bitcoin wallet.

Remember you can add bitcoin to your wallet directly with us at this link.

You can also do this from your exchange account in the section sending funds, typing down your wallet public address in the exchange option, or scanning the QR code.

Enter here to find the complete guide on how to send bitcoin to your wallet.

How do I check the balance of my MATERIAL BITCOIN cold wallet?

Using the address shown on the front of your wallet (or directly the QR):

You can enter the address of your Material Bitcoin wallet (never the private key!) in a search engine (like to check your balance.

If it’s more convenient for you, it’s worth to consider using a mobile app like Blue Wallet (Android) or Satpile (iOS).With these apps, you can directly scan the QR code which is on your Material Bitcoin wallet to check your bitcoin balance and its current equivalent in dollars or another currency.

You can check your balance on our website: Check Bitcoin wallet balance here.

Important: Never enter the private key of your Material Bitcoin wallet on a web page. If you do it, you will lose control of your funds irreversibly.

How does my MATERIAL BITCOIN cold wallet work?

The private key

Your wallet has a unique private key, safeguarded by a protective metallic sticker. Keep it protected! It is of utmost importance to keep this key secure, because being the only person who knows it means exclusive ownership of your bitcoin

The private key engraved on your Material Bitcoin wallet is, and it should be only yours because it is the only requirement to withdraw/transfer your funds.


  • Never allow anyone to memorize, copy or photograph your private key.
  • Don’t lose the cold wallet.
  • Don’t let anyone take your wallet.
  • Never type down your private key on a web page.

In all these cases, you will irreversibly lose control of your funds.


The address

The public address on the front works as the identification number of your wallet. Anyone, including yourself, must use it to send bitcoins to your wallet.

You can also use it to check your funds or transaction history. The public address on the front of the wallet can be shared and seen by anyone. The reason why is because it doesn’t give access to your funds but allows people to deposit funds in your wallet.

Where exactly are your bitcoins?

Your cold wallet doesn’t have electric components or any internet connection, so your bitcoins can’t be physically on your wallet; however, every single bitcoin that belongs to your wallet’s address is registered in thousands of computers. This process is how the bitcoin blockchain works.

Your bitcoins are absolutely yours. They are much more yours than the money you may have in the bank (which, like bitcoin, is not really in the bank, as it is just a simple note on the bank’s computer). And there is no better way for them to belong to you.

You can be confident that your bitcoins are safe because, through thousands of computers synchronized with each other, it shows to anyone who checks that your bitcoins are on your plate.

How do I transfer some or all of the bitcoins on my wallet to another address?

The purpose of the Material Bitcoin wallet is that you never need to send your BTC to another address since the address on your wallet is 100% secure against hacking (unless you reveal your private key in any way).

Nevertheless, supposing that you still want to change your bitcoins from one address to another, you must import your private key into a trusted bitcoin wallet manager on your mobile or computer (such as Electrum).

It is a delicate process, but it will not take you long. Click here to see a step-by-step guide on moving bitcoin from your plate using a computer or cellphone.

How do I change the bitcoins of my MATERIAL BITCOIN to dollars or another currency?

To carry out any operation with the bitcoins that you have stored on your Material Bitcoin cold wallet, you need to import the private key of your Material Bitcoin plate into a bitcoin wallet manager, such as Exodus or Electrum.

Click here to see a step-by-step guide on moving bitcoin from your wallet using a computer or cellphone.

Be aware that once your plate’s private key comes into contact with an electronic device, you are exposing control of your money, which will be as secure or insecure as the equipment you use.

As soon as you have your bitcoins in your Exodus or Electrum account, you can send them to your account on any exchange site(Kraken, Coinbase…). You can convert bitcoins to euros from the exchange site without any problem.

How do I make a payment with bitcoin?

You need to import the private key of your Material Bitcoin plate into a bitcoin wallet software manager, such as Electrum. Make sure to perform this operation on a secure computer you trust.

Be aware that once your plate’s private key comes into contact with an electronic device, you are exposing control of your funds, which will be as secure or insecure as the equipment you use.

See the tutorial on how to get bitcoin from your MATERIAL BITCOIN

My private key has rust. Is my wallet in good condition?

Rust is a residue of laser marking; your plate is fine. When we mark your cold wallet, the laser generates waste by striking the steel with a highly focused and precise energy beam. That’s why the plate doesn’t look so good in that particular part.

We immediately cover the private key with a metal sticker so that it is not visible to anyone, not even our technicians. 

The rest of the wallet has no residue because we clean it before sending it.

You can also clean it with soap and water or, even better, with an alcohol swab to clean the part where the private key is engraved.

What is the difference between my   MATERIAL BITCOIN‘s private key and address?

The address is public data. You can give it to anyone without fear.

You can check the movements and balance of all bitcoin addresses worldwide, including the address of your Material Bitcoin plate, on the Bitcoin blockchain, which is public. Numerous websites allow you to do this effortlessly.

On the contrary, as its name suggests, the private key is private in nature. The private key to your bitcoin allows you to transfer money to another bitcoin address. For this reason, it is crucial that only you know the private key. Keep it hidden and protected.

Never show your private key to anyone. Never allow anyone to take a picture of it, leave it unattended, or write it down on a web page.

What is the anonymity to buy and hold bitcoin with MATERIAL BITCOIN?

Bitcoin purchases are made by intermediaries from outside EU. KYC may be required, but they are located in non-EU jurisdictions, so they will not share your data with other countries.

No one needs to know that you are in possession of one of our wallets. Material Bitcoin doesn’´t link bitcoin addresses with customers.

The wallet is sent empty (without bitcoin inside) for security.

Material Bitcoin has not any obligation to report to any organization about the persons who purchase wallets or about how many bitcoins are inside the wallets.

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