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I have already received my MATERIAL USDT, now what?

Upon arrival of your wallet, we strongly recommend to check that both the packaging and the mnemonic seed sticker on your wallet are in upon arrival of your badge, we strongly recommend to check.

We send you your Material USDT wallet in a sealed package, and inside the package is your wallet in a heat-sealed envelope to prove that it has not been opened.

If your package or the envelope containing your wallet have been opened upon upon its arrival, have been opened upon upon its arrival.

This is a ready to use cold wallet, therefore fill it up with (Ethereum network) USDTs at your convenience.

What type of information is shown on your wallet?

On the front:

  • Address: It identifies your wallet’s personal account and allows you to check the balance.
  • QR of the address: Scan it to receive funds, as simple as that.


On the back: 

  • Protective address metallic film: It will help you to keep your mnemonic seed hidden.
  • Mnemonic seed: It allows you to fully operate with your wallet. Without it, nobody else can access to your crypto.
How does my MATERIAL USDT work?

Mnemonic seed

Your wallet has a mnemonic seed, unique and protected by a metallic sticker. It is literally the key to access your funds. Keep it safe and do not share it!

The mnemonic seed is all you need to transfer your USDT from the Ethereum network to another address. You are literally the only person in the world who knows the mnemonic seed that is engraved on your Material USDT wallet.

Mind the following recommendations:

  • Do not ever allow anyone to memorise, copy or photograph your mnemonic seed.
  • Do not lose your wallet.
  • Do not let anybody take the wallet from you.
  • Do never use your seed on a website.

Any of the previous case will make you lose control of your funds

The address

The public address gives (who possesses) the only information required to send money. Besides, it gives permission to check funds or the transaction history. This address could be shared to anyone or added on websites since it does not compromise your funds.

Where is your USDT stored?

Your wallet has no electricity and it works exclusively offline which means that your USDTs are not physically in your wallet. The USDT is written in thousands of computers and your secret key is the only way to give access to them. That’s how the Ethereum blockchain works.

Your USDTs are absolutely yours and there is no other better way to own them. The concept is exactly the same as the money saved in bank accounts. It is there but not physically.

Thousands of synchronised computers guarantee that your USDTs are in your wallet. This is the highest level of security known and that makes our wallet extremely safe.

Does my MATERIAL USDT wallet come with funds?

It is sent ready to use and it does not have funds yet. Mind that the Material USDT plate is a cold wallet for USDT on the Ethereum network.

How do I load my wallet with USDT ?

Purchasing USDTs could be done from any exchange and be sent to your wallet via the Ethereum Mainnet.

How do I send USDT to my wallet?

Once you have purchased USDTs, you must send them to the address engraved on the front of your Material USDT wallet.

The easiest way to fund your account from your exchange platform could be by entering the address written on the front of your wallet or by scanning the QR of your wallet. Either way, it is absolutely safe.

You can do this from your exchange account in the send funds section, by entering the address as the sending address or by scanning the QR.



Follow the steps to fund an account:


  1. You must go to your personal dashboard on the exchange where you hold your USDT and select the “Withdraw” button.
  2. Click on USDT as the cryptocurrency chosen to withdraw. Select the amount. After that select Ethereum network and then send it to your Material USDT wallet.
  3. Finally, proceed to scan the QR or type down the public address shown on the front of the wallet. This second option has room for error and consequently could make you lose your USDT in that specific transaction.
  4. Go on to check your balance to confirm the success of all your transactions.
How do I transfer my USDT to another address?

The purpose of your Material USDT is to be used as your main account to store your funds mainly because of the total protection against hacking (unless you purposely show to others your mnemonic seed).

If for any reason you still want to transfer partially or totally your USDTs to another address you must import your private key into a truste USDT wallet manager (such as MyEtherWallet, Metamask or Exodus) on your mobile phone or computer.

It’s a tricky process, but it won’t take long. Below is a step-by-step tutorial about how to get USDT off your account from the Exodus app.

How do I exchange the USDT stored on my wallet into dollars or other currencies?

To begin, you must import the mnemonic seed of your board into a USDT wallet manager such as Exodus or Metamask.

Be aware that once the mnemonic seed of your wallet has been used on any electronic device, your funds are compromised. Do not forget to delete the seed from applications!

As soon as you have your USDT in your Exodus or Metamask account, you can send them to your preferred account (Kraken, Coinbase…). That exchange allows you to convert the USDT to euros easily.

How do I check the balance of MATERIAL USDT?

First step is to enter the address of your Material USDT wallet shown on the front of it into a search engine such as to check your balance. 

Important: Do not ever enter the mnemonic seed of your Material USDT wallet on a website. If you do so, you will irreversibly lose 100% control of your funds.

The address is public data. It could be shared at no risk.

In fact, you can check the history and balance of all USDT addresses around the world, including the Material USDT token on the Ethereum blockchain which is public. There are numerous websites that allow you to do this conveniently.

How do I make a payment in USDT?

You must import the mnemonic seed of your Material USDT wallet into a USDT wallet software manager such as My Ether Wallet, Metamask or Exodus. Make sure to do it on a fully trusted computer..

Be aware of your wallet is typed down on an electronic device, your funds are compromised and it is uncertain the level of protection against hacking


My mnemonic seed has rust, what does it mean?

Your plate is perfectly fine. It is residue from the laser marking.

Instantly the mnemonic seed gets covered with a metallic sticker, proving that not even our technicians are there to manipulate it. So residues mean safetiness.

of the plate it has no residues because we clean it carefully

Feel free to clean your wallet with water and soap. The wallet and specifically the mnemonic seed is alcohol resistant, so use it at your convenience.

What is the difference between the mnemonic seed (back) and the address (front) of my MATERIAL USDT?

The address is public data. It could be shared at no risk.

The mnemonic seed though, It is private and gives you the total control of your funds. It is used to transfer funds to other Ethereum addresses.

Therefore, it is very important that only you know your mnemonic seed and keep it hidden and safe. Do not ever show your mnemonic seed to anyone or allow them to take a picture of it. Also, do not type down the seed on a website.

Which currencies are compatible with my MATERIAL USDT?
The address of your USDT Material is compatible to store any ERC20 token.


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